Transforming Our World: Interdisciplinary Insights on the Sustainable Development Goals

June 2023

In consistence with the previous reports, this report underscores the significance of green jobs and digital transition as drivers of sustainable development. It goes deeper into the employment trends and skill requirements in the net-zero economy and urges the importance of reskilling policies, reflecting on the job-based recovery discussed in 2021’s Report.

Building upon the financial discussion in 2022’s Report, this report touches on the private sector’s role in financing the SDGs, identifying SDG content in financial asset portfolios, and emphasizing the potential of carbon farming and voluntary carbon markets. These discussions further illuminate the financial strategies necessary for the successful implementation of sustainable development initiatives.

In conclusion, “Transforming Our World: Interdisciplinary Insights on the Sustainable Development Goals” serves as an extension of our previous discussions. By bringing together interdisciplinary insights and understanding the interconnections between different dimensions of sustainable development, this report can guide policymakers and stakeholders to take informed decisions and targeted actions to address the complex challenges of our time, thereby contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.